Our scanner can reproduce high quality 2D and 3D model files from many objects. These objects then can be reduced or
enlarged to fit your size requirements. We can scan with resolutions as low as .004". Our scanning area capabilities are
limited to 12 inches wide by 8 inches deep and 3 inches tall. With our computer software objects can also be enlarged to a
greater size than our router table bed area and still be reproduced. We can also reproduce items from other 2D and 3D files
that you might have. Creative Cuts has the most updated software and equipment available to create a wide range of objects.
Some of our software's are AutoCad ,Art Cam Pro 5.5, Enroute 2.3, Corel Draw 9-11, Roland Picza, and Photograv.

1 - A regular door key

2 - Scaned

3 - Turned into a wireframe

 4 - Turned into a 3D model

5 - Resized and tool paths added

6 - Then router cnc cut